8 Mistakes To Avoid While Writing A Product Review

In the knowledgeable world of today, everyone wants to know maximum about a product before they make a purchase. It is definitely a good way to avoid falling for scams and getting value for money. People give time reading product reviews, understanding the finer details about the product and finally make up their mind after having gone through a number of such reviews.

However, it is not only the presence of reviews about a product that matters, the way they have been written and conveyed also matters. 

Here is a list of 8 mistakes to avoid while writing a review for a product :

1. Bragging about the product

It is one of the biggest mistakes that you can commit resulting in making the review appear biased and unnatural. The review needs to be persuasive and authentic. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and then write the review. Remember, a product review with excess praise appears false. 

2. Selling instead of talking about the product

A review is effective on the mind of the reader if it talks about the product instead of trying to sell it. Writing review with the sole aim of selling the product will fetch little or no results. A review written in a natural manner like talking to a person next door works best. This conveys a message that you are not advertising the product, instead recommending it since it has worked well for you.

3. Plagiarizing

There are millions of reviews that exist on the web and definitely one does not go through all of them before making a purchase. However that does not mean that you copy their reviews and post them on your website. To attract readers, you need to develop a unique style of your own and any imitation of previously existing reviews will be detrimental to your image as a reviewer. You may not want to buy the product because of its high price, but if you plagiarize reviews of others, you are recommending something that you do not yourself want to go for. 

4. Abandoning your review after writing it

A review needs a lot of promotion after it has been written. When you write a review, you cannot leave it unattended and expect it to be read by visitors. It is advised to write only such number of reviews that you can promote rather than writing hundreds of them with none of them fetching any results. 

5. Skipping details

A review is of little or no use if it does not offer complete details of the product. To give the best review, you need to mention minutest details about the product. These details can be pros, cons, comparisons, features etc. A good way to quantify the merits of a particular feature is to give ratings. Try and cover everything from top to bottom and see the results yourself.

6. Not sharing your personal experience

As a reader of a review, you tend to look for a satisfied customer who can say it with certainty that the product works well or not. As a reviewer, if you want your review to hold water in the eyes of the reader, it is advised to use the product yourself and share your personal experience. Be honest and believe that nothing in this world can be perfect. Share both good and bad experiences with your readers. 

7. Not Taking Your Audience into Consideration

The target audience must be considered before writing a review. You must analyze as to who is the person that is going to benefit from the product and focus on that section of audience. For example, if you intend selling a pro level squash racquet, tailor the review to the level of expertise of a professional. 

8. Not comparing with other similar products

With an ever increasing number of products in the same category and price range, people do want to compare similar products. A review without comparison is doing little to maximize conversion. Comparisons also assist the customers in making up their minds to go for a purchase. If you are affiliated with both the sides of the fence, viz. the product and its comparison, you have a win-win situation for you. As a matter of fact, customer may buy more than one product after comparison.

With a knowledge of these 8 mistakes you need to avoid while writing a product review, you are certain to shell out better product reviews that appear authentic and unbiased.